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Meet Artist and Illustrator, Kellie Fowler

“Hi! I am a seasoned creative who can’t get enough of learning new things…”

Kellie Ann Fowler was raised by the idea of “Legacy” brought to life by her and her five siblings. Right before Kellie was born, her parents founded a technology-turned-media production company, American Technologies, as a means to provide for a growing family.

This fostered a unique experience for the Fowler children. Through this non-traditional educational background, Kellie developed her artistic abilities while becoming increasingly involved in the family’s production company.

Now, with over a decade of experience under her belt, Kellie appreciates her unconventional upbringing, allowing her to be enthusiastically creative and a resourceful problem solver.

Over the years, Kellie has had the pleasure to develop her skillsets through a variety of projects: corporate brand design, digital visual assets for video productions, print collateral designs, and more. Her work has been appreciated by a multitude of organizations and their networks including Coca-Cola, UPS, Chick-Fil-A Foundation, Ludacris Foundation, Dallas Austin Foundation, Atlanta Business League, Urban League of Greater Atlanta, 100 Black Men of America, Atlanta Technical College – the list goes on.

When Kellie isn’t in the field capturing footage for a new American Technologies project, she is a fine artist. Though it began as a leisure activity, Kellie’s artistic creations have been featured and sold in galleries, silent auctions, and privately. Her creative signature can be identified by bright, minimal and elegantly Black works of art. Throughout her creations, Kellie explores nature themes. In negative space, you will find plants and animals that add to the expression of beauty.

Today, Kellie’s focus is as a visual designer, illustrator, and fine artist located in Atlanta, Georgia. She enjoys learning and staying relative in her day-to-day life.