A Written Commitment and First Blog Post

I have been so down lately. There has not been a decrease in in work, and that, I am grateful for.

However there has been a decrease in my creative work.  Things that I like to do.

With that, I need to acknowledge I’m not happy with where I am.

A lot has happened in my life, good and bad, and I can easily blame that as a reason to my lack of confidence to push myself on things I’m passionate about.

But….that’s not what I’m here to do.

I know what’s stopping me; me.

I have the tools.

Somewhat the Skill.

And PLENTY OF TIME (even if it feels like it’s not enough.)


SO, with that being said, let this blog post be my written commitment:

I, Kellie Fowler

Will not be afraid of what I’m passionate about.

Will not be afraid of my skillset

Will not be afraid of failure.

Will not be afraid of change.

And I WILL make an effort towards my personal life and career.


Kellie Fowler

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