2018 at a Glance and Goals for 2019

Wow it’s amazing how time flies! 

As we close another year out, I’m happy to say that I had quite a productive year in 2018. 
Let’s a have a glance, shall we? 

“Roses of Bantu” | Black Magic

Earlier this year, I have been doing production nonstop at my day job, as well as put out a collection in February; Black Magic. 

I believe it was my FIRST collection for 2018, as well as my last. Despite that, I was able to get physical prints of my work later this year, and let me tell you, it was unreal to have some of my digital work in my hands. 


Then in August I moved to a new house! Of course, while moving, my limits were tested throughout the rest of the business quarter. Like I worked back to back on current projects with the AT production team and was more involved with the story telling process this year.  

Settling in results of that happening made things quite personally scattered as a result.   (burnout is not fun, OK?)

Coming from a small place however, I am so grateful that I now have space to think now, and really taking in the reality of it now that I’m on break.

Goals for 2019

Over the course of the years, I have always wanted to do something with my talents personally, but as time proved itself, I got older with more responsibilities. 

This also led to me being an artist at work whose head is often swimming with ideas that are not acted on. Which then made me to be the person with the “My work is not good enough” complex, or “Personal work is not important” Syndrome. And I wanted to change that…

So, as I finally sit here on my little vacation and look on to the prospects for 2019, I really want to give Kellie Anne Designs (My brand) the room and the energy to grow to what it can really be. 

Next year, I want to collaborate with other artists (I have already met some amazing artists, and hope to talk to them soon!), have an exhibition, and maybe have my own tiny publication!

Ultimately I want to realistically enjoy the process of making things. As well as well… making things.

I want to express what younger Kellie would have wanted for herself, and stop being afraid of what I can do. 

So that, I again I am grateful for this year and intend to experience more in 2019. Thank you so much for listening and I wish you a Happy Holidays!

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